I broke my own heart

I am on a plane back to Portland after spending the weekend away. The plane, my head and the people around me are spinning.  I am more hungover than I have ever been in my life.  Hangover implies drinking and I did a lot of that.  Plane implies travel and yep, that happened as well.  […]

Rhino part II

I agree to meet Rhino at a coffee shop in Portland.  Agree.  Fuck, I practically text yes before he even sends the “date” text.   At this point I am so desperate and lonely and horny, that I truly believe the red headed rhino will be my savior. Who cares if he is boring as […]

Linda, Glasses, the Dealer and Rhino

Linda, Glasses, the Dealer and Rhino ALRIGHT!  That is it.  I am dating, no more fucking around.  I will have a first date after death.  But what is a date?  Coffee?  Drinks?  Do people still go to a full blown dinner?  Is a dinner too much to ask?  Who pays for said dinner?  If I […]