M-A-R-Y new word A-N-N

When my mom met Peter for the first time, she was smitten.  I am not sure what it was about him that she instantly fell in love with; maybe his shyness, maybe the way he looked at me with adoration in his eyes, maybe his quick wit, I am not sure. If you asked Mary […]

Dorito Fat

If I can just get this buttercream frosting right this day will end perfectly. I can’t focus and I am stupidly trying a new buttercream recipe. My mantra right now is “I am so stupid, I am so stupid”.  I really need to eat a cake. A cake with buttercream frosting. Baking a yummy cake […]

Never. Gonna. Happen.

At the point in my short-lived dating life I have given up.  That’s O.K. I am finally good with being alone. So the next date I have I make an agreement with myself that I don’t really care if he likes me. In fact I’m going to be the most outlandish me I can be. […]

H.R.H. Porath

My son is a prince. No we are not descendants of the royal family.  He is the winter formal prince at his high school.  The term prince for most people brings to mind elegant attire and jewels that sparkle in a darkened room. For me, I hear the word prince and the movie Purple rain […]