Man Speak

My son has always had his heart set on having his dad’s truck. When Peter used the truck Duke always dreamt of it becoming his one day then once it wasn’t in use anymore, Duke craved it even more. I tried to sell it, several times. I tried to sell it to one of my […]

Chasing Pavement

I have had two very complicated relationships for a very long time. The first is with myself and the second is with a boy. The relationship with myself was often muted living with Peter because I knew he always loved me and always would. I never really had to confront my self-esteem issues because Peter […]

Book Excerpt. Chapter 1.

When I was three years old I started sitting in corners and chewing on my finger nails, this was a sign to my mother to leave my father. I have a vague memory of the corner where I sat, a musky white wall with a vinyl dining chair close by, I don’t know if this […]

Dirty M. F.

“I AM NEVER DATING AGAIN! EVER!”   “You’ve said that before, ummmmm, like 1000 times!”   “I know, I know but this time, I mean it. This shit is real. I think James is a catfish!”   “WHA…” Overstreet says in a high pitched voice.   It started two weeks ago, I decided I would […]

Target sucks!

I am making my weekly pilgrimage to Target. A spiritual experience for me and many others for sure. Today is heavenly because I have no obligations until this afternoon, so I can stroll the aisles, leisurely. Touching what I want to touch and pretending that I can decorate my house the way the displays are […]

Train Wreck

“You are a train wreck!” “I’m a train wreck?” “Yes, a total train wreck and I know that.” “Why, why am I a train wreck?” “Because you can’t let go of Peter.” I’m the fucking train wreck, I’m the train wreck? You… your ex-wife is a macadamia and you picked her, and you ALWAYS talk […]

M.L.K. Heeey!

A few days ago was the day we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. and almost every person I knew on social media posted one of his famous quotes, usually with some fanciful background or some wondrous scroll lettering. All to illustrate the point that they understand the struggle of M.L.K. jr.  But posting an over […]

Who me? Thankful?

I normally am not the person to tell another person to wake up happy to wake up. I understand that sometimes people don’t have the ability to do that. Sometimes it’s all a person can do is just wake up. Sometimes all a person can do is breathe when they wake up and I would […]

Am I?

My son tells me on a daily basis that I am not normal and I am nothing like his other friend’s mothers. He has even enlisted his friends to speak to me and determine if I am abnormal. Apparently I am. I don’t really fit into the cool mom category because I tell these teens […]

No, I can’t feel “it”!

When I was married, I used to think Sex and the City was a fairy tale, a fanciful, dramatic confection of stories spun together to entertain us women.  I used to believe fiction was stranger than life, then I became single. I was shoved, by my own doing, to enter the dating world. Maybe I […]