Almost Sixteen

I think my daughter is trying to kill me. It’s not a murderous rage or even a sly plot take my life, it’s a slow continuous break down of me, my person. It’s only fair that she’s trying to kill me as I tried to kill my mother when I was fifteen. She’s not killing […]

The top seven things you should never say to a widow.

 Isn’t it great to have the bed and/or bathroom all to yourself? Yes, sure.  It’s certainly is not a glaring reminder that your significant other is dead.  People have actually said this to me.  Yes, I hated it when Peter would take up the whole bed.  Yes, I hated it when Peter would forget to […]

Bitches of two kinds

When we were planning our family, Peter was dead set against using profanity in front of or anywhere near our children.  It’s funny for so many reasons.  If you knew Peter you would know that he could string together a list of profanities that would make a longshoreman blush.  So we agreed, no cursing in […]