My “Rocky” parenting

I have always loved the Rocky movies, every single one, yes, even Rocky V.  I love the movies for obvious reason, the triumph of good verse evil, in many incarnations, the epic love story, where love can and does conquer all. Most importantly having the courage to go the distance, even if you don’t always […]

I look fabulous?

I have been told I look fabulous.  This phenomenon started about nine months after Peter died.  Everywhere I went people would tell me I look amazing and truly mean the compliment.  When it first started happening I was so grief stricken that I just responded with a mumbled growl, similar to the way Vin Diesel […]

So…Your(sic) an art dealer

I am ready to be bad; I have finally figured out that I just want to have fun with boys.  I want to stop trying to force feelings and have a blast.  Everyone tells me the best way to have fun is to date someone fun. However not one of my friends has told me […]

I broke my own heart

I am on a plane back to Portland after spending the weekend away. The plane, my head and the people around me are spinning.  I am more hungover than I have ever been in my life.  Hangover implies drinking and I did a lot of that.  Plane implies travel and yep, that happened as well.  […]

Linda, Glasses, the Dealer and Rhino

Linda, Glasses, the Dealer and Rhino ALRIGHT!  That is it.  I am dating, no more fucking around.  I will have a first date after death.  But what is a date?  Coffee?  Drinks?  Do people still go to a full blown dinner?  Is a dinner too much to ask?  Who pays for said dinner?  If I […]

Code Talkers

Today is Christmas and I am in Puerto Vallarta.  Twenty-one years ago, in this very spot, I was planning how to be a married lady.  I was really only a girl but I was damn sure going to be a captivating wife.  I was on my honeymoon.  Today as I stated earlier is Christmas, why […]