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Flashback Friday


Today is Christmas and I am in Puerto Vallarta.  Twenty-one years ago, in this very spot, I was planning how to be a married lady.  I was really only a girl but I was damn sure going to be a captivating wife.  I was on my honeymoon.  Today as I stated earlier is Christmas, why did I come to the same God damn place that I did as my honeymoon?  To wallow? To cry?  To relive?  To pretend IT never happened? To spread ashes? Yes to the latter but otherwise, I don’t really know.  While I prepare myself for all of these emotions, only one comes to my heart.  Gratitude.  I find myself so full of gratitude.  Yes for my kids, that goes without saying.  My mother? Uh Ok, her too.  But my heart is full for my friends, these two in particular.

When I first meet someone and assess…

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