Who me? Thankful?

I normally am not the person to tell another person to wake up happy to wake up. I understand that sometimes people don’t have the ability to do that. Sometimes it’s all a person can do is just wake up. Sometimes all a person can do is breathe when they wake up and I would never presume to know what is going on in someone else’s life. This morning I woke up and was thankful to be awake. The sun was shining and I was still sad that Christmas day had come and Peter was not here but this time, this Christmas I knew I could deal with the overwhelming sadness. I was grateful for my children and not only their memories of their father but the new memories that my mom and I have created on Christmas.
I was thankful that, this Christmas, I have a cadre of family and friends that feel like family. The many texts and calls from people I truly love, reminding me that I have all types of love surrounding me. I stared at the sun this morning and was thankful that I could feel the warmth on my face. This Christmas, I am thankful that the many signs are leading me to completing my first book. But mostly I am thankful that I can now wake up and be one of those people that are now thankful that I woke up. And to those who are unable to be thankful for waking up or to be thankful for anything, take heart. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope you can be sad, lonely, afraid and still be thankful for waking up. Today I say, please Choose Life.

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