I went to my 30-year high school reunion. I wasn’t going to go but I decided to say “yes” to things that scare me. I went with low expectations. Actually, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I went hoping that I would have some sort of fun and I did. The night is a blur but I do remember a few things. Many of my classmates bought me a drink, more people than I expected read my blog and are awaiting my book, I look completely different than I did in high school. Which leaves me to wonder, was I terribly ugly in high school or am I terribly ugly now?  Either way I was drinking. I had several Jello shots that were smuggled into the bar. I re-opened some friendship doors and closed some.

I stayed longer than I expected because I was having a delightful time, which was a surprise to me.  I held hands with a few of my ride or dies and realized that when former classmates see me, they automatically associate me with Overstreet, which has always been my high school dream. But the most important thing I learned about myself was that with all of the good and all of the bad of high school, I had an amazing high school experience with a complicated and diverse group of people, and I wouldn’t change a bit of it. Now we’ll see if I am alive in 10 years when the time comes to return to my roots at the 40-year reunion.

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